Winning Without Fighting: A Handbook Effective Solutions for Social Emotional and Behavioural Problems in Students

Winning without Fighting is a book that speaks the language of hope and possibility. While acknowledging the range of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties that could interefere with learning and relationships, Papantuono, Portelli and Gibson provide a model that refuses to pathologise the child. Instead, the book promotes effective strategies created through a rigorous clinical research process, that build solutions to seemingly irresolvable problems. This is done by building bridges with significant adults through love, compassion, empathy, understanding and, ongoing positive communication.



“A must read for all school-based practitioners and those in the field of education.”
– Professor Erna Nairz-Wirth, Educational Sciences Group, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria

“… based on their vast experience and research… the authors have managed to provide specific, effective solutions for each problem described in this book.”
– Professor Giorgio Nardone, PhD,
 Scientific Director, Strategic Therapy Centre, Arezzo, Italy

“An invaluable resource… effective and winning interventions.”
– Professor Carmel Cefai, Phd (Lond), FBPS Head of the Department of Psychology, University of Malta

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Language: ‎ English
Print length: ‎ 219 pages