When the Bubble Bursts: A New Approach to Understanding, Overcoming and Treating Depression.



“When the Bubble Bursts,” is an exciting and optimistic new book about depression written for professionals and non-professionals alike.

This book is about more than just the symptoms of depression; it’s a new exploration of this profound journey through isolation and disconnection. Patients describe depression as being plunged into an emotional abyss, a deep, sad void where life’s vibrancy fades and motivation diminishes. This emotional disengagement found in depression not only creates barriers to good relationships but also to daily activities. Padraic Gibson, with his extensive background in clinical treatment and international research, critically assesses the limitations of current psychiatric and psychological approaches, challenging the prevalent reliance on scientism in psychiatry. His work emphasises understanding depression beyond mere symptomatology, advocating for a radical shift in our thinking about this problem and proposing a more empathetic, human-centred and scientific approach. This shift involves recognizing the complex connections between individual experiences, emotions, and social contexts.

This book encourages flexible, patient-centred treatment over rigid diagnostic models. This transformative book is a beacon of hope and offers a compassionate reimagining of the understanding and treatment of depression. DR Gibson asks us to see individuals as complete beings with unique histories and with endless potential. Packed with amusing anecdotes, stories, exercises and clinical strategies, “When the Bubble Bursts” is a must-read for professionals and non-professionals alike.