The 12 Most Common Mental Traps: Recognise Them & Overcome Them

Do you crave a more fulfilling and happier life? Do you find yourself going around in circles, trying and failing to solve your problems? Have you tried every possible solution or its total opposite and failed to prevent your problems from growing? Many human problems, on the face of it, seem as though they should be simple to solve, yet they remain a stubborn presence in our lives. This book will benefit anyone interested in change.



Offering the knowledge and the tools to identify and overcome mental traps this book will prove liberating and indispensable to the reader. Providing radical new insights and creative solutions from real life clinical practice, this book will prove invaluable to anyone seeking to conquer their mental traps.

Dr Padraic Gibson, has worked as clinical director of psychotherapy in the Irish health service for 20 years and is clinical director of The OCD Clinic Dublin, with clinics also in Italy and Malta. His is also co-director of the Institute for Strategies Research and Training, Malta. Padraic has published internationally respected clinical research in journals such as the British Medical Journal.

He is a much sought after presenter and trainer and is a senior research associate at Dublin City University and a senior research associate at the post graduate school of psychotherapy, the Centro Di Terapia Strategica, in Tuscany.