Persuasion Principle

This book demonstrates an effective communication method that will help you to persuade and influence others. It can also be used in a coaching or caring capacity to help others overcome their personal difficulties or go beyond their current limitations.


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Communication is one of the most basic functions of living. In managerial situations it can help make good decisions, think out well conceived plans, establish a sound organisation structure, and create good relationships with colleagues. Becoming more persuasive and charismatic involves simple tweaks to your behaviour; it does not require you to be outgoing or to change how you look, or for you to alter your personality. It is a skill and a discipline, like playing a sport or an instrument and it takes work, practise and the right set of tools. This book will give you the tools you need, which come from many different disciplines; from neuroscience to athletic conditioning. You will get countless opportunities to practise these skills because you are interacting with people every day.