Escaping the Anxiety Trap

It is estimated globally that about 273 million people or 4.5% of the world’s population has had an anxiety disorder. We have seen a sharp rise in fear based conditions, there is an anxiety epidemic! Fear, anxiety, phobias, obsessions and compulsions are growing rapidly. But the tide is changing and patients who are now empowered, see themselves as health consumers and these consumers are demanding more – as the promised land of drug treatments never arrived. Solution! A new model of treatment, that is both effective, efficient and adaptable is available.



The primary task of this new therapy, is to assist the patients in discovering any areas in which they are blocked and to help them define and resolve their problem rapidly. The solution is achieved by the patient overcoming any emotional, cognitive or behavioural traps. Therapy at The OCD Clinic, examines, directly and indirectly, every possible resource the patient has available to them to achieve their desired goal and to achieve their full potential.

This book is a must read for anyone effected by or working with Anxiety Disorders. This therapy is drug free and has been proven, through 30 years of scientific research to be up to 90% effective. It has been rigorously tested by the author of this book for over a decade. This model, has now become a scientifically validated form of therapy.


“Escaping the Anxiety Trap is an excellent resource for the psychotherapeutic treatment of fear-based clinical issues such as phobias, panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder,
and paranoia. Gibson not only explains the theoretical underpinnings of Brief Strategic Therapy and how to conceptualize specific fear-related clinical issues using this approach, he also lays out how to intervene through innovative strategies clients can use to help them more effectively manage their anxiety and fear.”

– Professor Jeffrey B. Jackson, PhD, LMFT, Assistant Professor
, Marriage & Family Therapy Program Virginia Tech, USA

“… insightful, pleasurable… brilliantly embracing the best of the greatest thinkers and researchers in the field.”
– Dr. Charlie Azzopardi, DPsych., Founder and Director of the Institute for Family Therapy Malta

“A must read for those not yet convinced of this therapy’s effectiveness.”
– Dr. Ed McHale PhD, Former President of The European Association for Psychotherapy, Co-Founder of The Clanwillam Institute

“In today’s ‘anxiety manufactured’ world this is a very timely, elegant and evidence-based book. Working with…logic… Dr. Gibson shows over and over again, the power of Advanced Brief Strategic Therapy in working with both acute and chronic fear and anxiety issues in client’s lives… Nothing is planned in advance of understanding each client’s unique situation and then bespoke interventions are designed in line with the client’s very own logical frame.”
– Dr Imelda McCarthy, Taos Institute, PhD, Programme and Director of The Fifth Province Centre

Book Details

Publisher: ‎ Lettertec (1 Jan. 2020)
Language: ‎ English